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Hiding under the name Ask the Baker is a passionate baker called Nashreen who lives in Mauritius.  I am very health concerned but at times I like to break rules.  I am very fascinated about sciences. Food Science and Technology is my main field and I love all about Food Processing including development, processing, chemical analysis and sensory analysis.  Baking and testing recipes is one of my favourite hobby.  I like to bake and at the same time understanding the scientific principles underlying the recipe.  I love reading new recipes and I enjoy all the photographs on all food blogs!! Viva food! This blog dates since August 2010 but I never posted anything.  Now that I am an educator in Food Studies, I am thinking of facilitating the life of certain students by posting step-by-step recipes.  This blog is purely for educational purposes and a way of sharing recipes.  Recipes and information that are not mine will always be referenced.

P.S I may not be a regular blogger, but if you want any answer regarding Food Science or Baking Science... so please feel free to ask me!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!!! Georgia, the creator of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HAltQ7MXpI&lc=OYxyX6ZaImpLs_59dkrh90Kyq3LdnTBTvFdJmm56M08&feature=inbox :D

    1. Thank you for dropping by georgia ^__^

  2. Thank you for Sharing so much will try some

  3. Trop cool et sympa merci j'essaierai et tu devrais mettre encore plus, j'adore les plats...;)