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Viennoiseries include all laminated doughs, yeasted-laminated doughs and rich yeast doughs. They are normally richer than normal breads. 

Here are some pictures I took during the training on "Viennoiserie for Professionals" at La Fournée des Moulins.  Endless thanks to Mr Laval who shared his knowledge with us.

"Brioche Mauricienne" (Mauritian Brioche)

Mauritian brioche dough: with a cross; topped with flavoured butter and sugar; double knot  

Have a look at the back of the Mauritian brioche

"Brioche Feuilletée" -  Laminated Brioche (This was done using the Mauritian brioche dough)

"Pain au Lait Bicolore" (Two-coloured Milk Bread)

Making of "Pain au Chocolat"

Shaping the Danishes

Danishes with Frangipane and Peach

"Brioche Épis avec Crème de Pistache" (French brioche dough shaped like a wheat stalk stuffed with pistachio cream)

Making of "Pain au Raisins".  He used pastry cream and chocolate chips instead of raisins.

"Brioche Royale" (Made using French brioche dough; the dough is shaped into a ball, topped with a macaroon batter and then dusted with icing sugar thrice before baking)

Flaky Pastry with Pastry Cream

I don't remember the name of this but it's a French brioche stuffed with French spice cake (pain d'épice)

Basically what we learnt :-)


  1. Wow, how wonderful. I'm getting all hungry looking at these beautiful breads. :) Happy Friday and thanks for sharing. I would love to get some bread training someday.

    1. Happy TGIF too... they were so tasty but i regret having eaten them when i think about the calories :-p

  2. Hi nashreen,
    I recently found your blog and tried some recipes which turned out good!
    I really appreciate your work and congratulate you for that!Proud to be a Mauritian!
    But,since this question has been tormenting me for so long,I could not wait to relieve myself!
    I have been looking at the Viennoiseries page of your blog with all the pictures and really wanted to learn all the recipes!
    Could you post or simply send me the recipes via my email:
    If I'm not being insolent but simply curious,can you post on the blog or send me any vegetarian cakes?
    Your help is extremely precious to me!
    Sincerely yours,

    1. Hello Anoop,

      Have been really busy these days with my assignments. Will be mailing you the recipes soon.

      Kind regards.

  3. hi i really appreciate the recipes you are sharing. Is it posible for you to send me the recipe of mauritian brioche

  4. I really appreciated what you are sharing. Can I have the recipe of mauritian brioche?

  5. Hi Nashreen, Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of Mauritian patisserie which I miss so much since the 9 years I've been in Australia! Could you by any chance send me the recepe of the brioche(avec la Croix and the one with sugar on top)please? My email is : Thanks so much.Angelique

  6. Hi Nashreen
    Could you send me the recipe of the Mauritian brioche please?
    My email address is thanks so much

  7. Hi Nashreen, Came across your blog while looking for Mauritian Napolitians. Your brioches look so yummy, could you please post the recipes so that we can all have a go? If that is too much, can you email me the recipe for Mauritian brioche please? My address is Thank you and well done on such a lovely blog!

  8. Hi Nashreen
    Thanks for sharing those pictures make me hungry
    could you please id you dont mind send me the recipes please
    my email is
    thank you in advance
    wish u all the best

    1. i think the recipes are available on le moulin websites.


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