Saturday, 8 September 2012

CHOCOLATE CAKE 2 (Nestlé Cocoa Recipe)

Oops I did it again!!  Yeah, I made the Nestlé Cocoa Chocolate Cake again.  This time I added one teaspoon of Strong Coffee (Nescafé Espresso) in the hot water to add more flavour.  As you know coffee and cocoa taste great together.  I am not a good cake decorator but am trying to make some efforts.

I made this cake for my friend Razia.  Wishing her a very Happy Birthday. 

1 chocolate cake (See recipe here

350-400 ml whipping cream
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
3 tablespoon icing sugar

115 g mini OREO
Some pieces of milk chocolate to make the letters
Chocolate chips and edible silver pearls for extra decoration


1.  Combine salt, vanilla essence, icing sugar and whipping cream.  Whip until stiff.

2.  Divide the cake into two layers and sandwich generously with whipped cream.

3.  Cover the cake with a layer of whipped cream.  Arrange some OREO cookies on the sides of the cake.  (I twisted them open and then placed them on the sides).

4.  Decorate the top with whipped cream, chocolate chips and edible silver pearls.

5.  I inserted some letters made with milk chocolate (My first attempt, I was just trying).

I am sure Razia and my other friends have loved the cake.

Yummy cake...

What was left!!!


  1. It's a lovely cake. And I'm sure it tasted wonderful too. I think you did a wonderful job in the decoration. ;)

  2. salaam...for the whipping Roselle ok?


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